2018 Pay Agreement Update - 28 March 2019

The SNCT Extended Joint Chairs met on Tuesday 26 March in anticipation of the major unions in Scotland (SSTA and EIS) prepared to accept the pay proposals contained in the DFM letter (8 March). Further discussion on the other elements included in the letter took place.

The other elements of the agreement include:

  1. for all parties (unions, COSLA and Scottish Government) to work to together to reduce the workload of teachers and to undertake joint activity to assist in reducing and preventing unnecessary workload through increasing teacher agency and school empowerment
  2. two additional in-service days to focus on key issues such as workload, additional support and empowering schools. Issues and activities for such days should be decided at school level and by collegiate process
  3. further development of professional learning opportunities, a ‘Teacher Innovation Fund’ and enhancement of the current Teacher Leadership Programme. 

A draft wording for an agreement was discussed at the meeting and it was agreed that the Joint Secretaries would work to prepare a Pay Agreement document. It is anticipated that the offer will be agreed at COSLA Leaders meeting on Friday 29 March. Once this has taken place COSLA will make a formal offer by letter to Teachers’ Side.

The SNCT Teachers’ Side will meet on Thursday 25 April to accept the Pay Offer and this will then be followed by a full SNCT on the same day to agree the Pay Offer for 2018 – 2021.

COSLA has indicated that once the formal offer is made it will try and make arrangements for the April 2019 increase to be included in the April salary (i.e. 10%) with the 2018 back pay to follow possibly in May.

This should bring a close to a good pay campaign and a step in the right direction in restoring teacher salaries.

Do have a good Easter break when it comes.