Would you accept nomination or volunteer for the position of SSTA representative in your school? The notes below might help you to decide. What you may be asked to do:

  • provide information to other members in the school/college and to raise the profile of SSTA by updating the staffroom notice board with posters and newsletters.
  • recruit new members into SSTA membership by introducing yourself to new members of staff and asking them to join.
  • act as a communication link on key issues in education between SSTA and other members in the school/college.
  • advise members in the school/college as to sources of information.

Here are the rights which accompany the post of an accredited School Rep:

  • time off for union duties and training where provided for and in accordance with any local agreement.
  • somewhere in your workplace to display SSTA materials (i.e. notice board in staff room)
  • use of school or college facilities, such as photocopying of documents to share with members, use of email and access to telephone. The Association will reimburse you for the relevant costs.
  • the use of a room for meetings.
  • full access to documentation affecting you and your members, e.g. staffing structures, pay and conditions of service documents, and local authority/employment policies that are in use in your workplace. (It is likely, in any event, that employees will have access to these materials)

Support and help is available from a variety of sources including:

  • the Professional Officer team at HQ
  • the Handbook for School Representatives
  • the SSTA website
  • your local District Secretary
  • induction discussion with an Officer of the Association
  • Training Days for School Representatives.

And possibly you may also become involved in a supportive way to assist individual members