Guidance on Keeping in Touch Days

This Advice Note gives supplementary advice to the Association's Advice Notes on Maternity Leave and Adoptive Leave.

What are Keeping in Touch Days? (known as KIT Days)

During Maternity Leave and Adoptive Leave the employee is allowed up to 10 days at work with normal pay without causing the maternity leave or adoptive leave to end. This normal pay will included Statutory Maternity or Adoption Pay

Do I have to do Keeping in Touch Days?

No. These have to be agreed by both the employer and employee. Therefore if you do not wish to attend or work these days, that is your choice.

Do they have to be single days spread over a period of time?

No. They can be undertaken over a number of consecutive days depending on the actual activity involved. It is likely however that it would involve single days.

Do I need to take up all of this entitlement?

No. The entitlement is for up to 10 days. An employee, in consultation with the employer, can use all or some of these days.

What activities can be undertaken during these Keeping in Touch Days?

While Keeping in Touch Days can simply be used for the employee to undertake normal contractual duties on that day, the guidance from the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) stresses that they could be particularly useful in allowing the employee to attend a scheduled conference, training or a team meeting.

The use of some of the time to meet, or teach with, the member of staff covering the leave could also be particularly useful especially in the weeks immediately preceding the expected date of return.

Would I be expected to undertake management tasks during these days if I am in a promoted post?

No, except where the shadowing of a promoted colleague was involved.

What am I paid for completing a Keeping in Touch Day?

The SNCT has agreed pay arrangements as follows:

Where an employee is in attendance for a full day then payment will be made in accordance with SNCT part 2, Appendix 2.19 (1/235 annual salary + 0.20513 for holiday pay)

Where the period worked is less than a full day, the employee shall be paid an hourly rate. (1/1645 of the annual salary with a pro rata holiday entitlement)

Payment for Keeping in Touch days includes any payment for SMP, SAP or Maternity Allowance where these are still being paid.

Do I need to keep a record of any Keeping in Touch Days I undertake?

Yes. Each employee is advised to keep an individual record of any such work.

What other contact with my employers is there likely to be during my Maternity or Adoption Leave?

Employers should have clear arrangements for maintaining contact with you during such leave.

The nature and frequency of such contact should be agreed prior to the start of such leave.

This contact could be done through e-mails, telephone or by letter.

Employers have a responsibility to ensure employees on such leave have information on vacancies and promotion (including acting appointments), and in-service or other CLPL activities.

The employee should also be informed of any significant changes to the workplace or work organization which may have an impact of them.

It must, however be kept in mind that the teacher is on leave. There should be NO general approaches with regard to the day to day work situation. In particular, a teacher on maternity or adoption leave should not deal with the internal marking of SQA materials. This is work for the replacement teacher.