Appointment of Depute General Secretary

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Alan McKenzie to the post of Depute General Secretary of the Association from 31 March 2012.

Alan taught in Dumbarton Academy and Lochgilphead High School before taking on the role of Principal Teacher, then Faculty Head, in Greenock Academy. He was President of the Association from 2003 to 2005 when both his leadership and humour quickly gained him the respect and affection of members. All those attending Congress during these years will remember his predilection for resorting to the guitar and folk song.

Alan joined the staff of the Association in 2007 as a Professional Officer and served as Acting Depute from 2008-2009. His appointment to this post will enable the Association, and in particular our members, to benefit from his expertise in case-work and his vast experience of Scottish Education.