Congress 2015: Report of the General Secretary

Seamus Searson delivered the Report of the General Secretary at the SSTA Annual Congress on Friday 8 May 2015. The text of the General Secretary's report can be download using the link below. Report of the General Secretary

Congress2015: SQA Q&A Session

Dr Janet Brown, Chief Executive and Ronnie Summers, Head of Qualifications Development (CfE) of the SQA attended the SSTA Annual Congress on 8 May, and answered questions from delegates.  

Presidential Address, 70th Annual Congress, 9-10 May 2014

Presidential Address Members, our friends and our distinguished guests from kindred organisations within Scotland and further afield, it is a great honour for me that I stand before you, to some extent by chance, on this, the occasion of the…

Report of the General Secretary - Congress 2013

I suppose any period of 12 months in the annals of any trades union would be described as being “difficult”. However, I would contend that the last 12 months have been particularly challenging as we have tried to come to…

Margaret Smith's Presidential Address - Congress 2013

It seems almost inconceivable that two years have passed since Peter Wright called me ‘Muggins’ and pinned the President’s badge on me – -and what a two years they have been Following my last Congress address I was described in…

Motions from Congress 2012

Details of the motions passed at Congress, held on 11-12 May 2012 can be found on our website below. Further details of this, and a review of other business, will be sent to all members in the next newsletter. In…

Presidential Address - 11 May 2012

The recurring theme of my last several District Secretary Reports, and indeed motions to Congress, was that of ‘Groundhog Day,’ ie, that each year we faced again the same issues of indiscipline, large classes and unrealistic expectations of teachers, in…

Congress 2011 Videos

Video of the Guest Speech and a selection of the debate at Congress 2011 Peter Wright giving the Presidential address to Congress 2011 Mike Jennings, IFUT General Secretary speech at SSTA Congress 2011 - Part 1 Mike Jennings, IFUT General…

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