Presidential Address - Annual Congress 13/14 May 2011

President's Address Peebles 13 May 2011 Congress, Guests, Colleagues, In March of this year, I attended a conference on CfE on behalf of the Association.   I was introduced by the chair as the representative of an organisation which had…

President's Address, Annual Congress 7/8 May 2010

President's Address Peebles Hotel Hydro 7 May 2010 It's been thirteen years since an SSTA Congress coincided with a UK General election. The result then was rather different from the one we face today of course. But, whatever judgement History…

Congress 2009 Newsletter

This newsletter contains an overview of events at the Assoications annual Congress held in Peebles on 15/16 May 2009.   The full text of the motions passed at Congress can be seen in the May 2009 Bulletin.

Presidential Address - Annual Congress 15/16 May 2009

President's Address Peebles 15 May 2009 Congress, Guests, Colleagues, Congress may recall that last year the part of my speech reported in the press was the section on bullying. I discussed the effect bullying had on staff and the need…

Congress 2008 - General Secretary's Report

Congress, Guests President, Colleagues, those of you who were assiduously watching the pictures you have just seen, will have faced a test of recognition. In the bye going, you will also have faced a test of gender and race awareness,…

Congress 2008 Presidential Address

Congress, Guests, Colleagues, You may have noticed an increasing emphasis on rights this year. People would seem to have an absolute right to do whatever they wish and be fully protected from the results of their actions. You may even…

64th ANNUAL CONGRESS - 16/17 May 2008

The Association's Annual Congress was held on the 16 & 17 May at the Peeble Hotel Hydo. The President's Address and the General Secretary's Report are now available for your information

CONGRESS General Secretary's Report -11 May 2007

General Secretary's Report -11 May 2007 President, colleagues, in presenting this report to you today, I want to take the opportunity to introduce you to the latest member of the Eaglesham family, Isaac Kael Eaglesham, born on 25th April at…


PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS - FRIDAY 11 MAY 2007 ““YOUR CONCERNS – OUR PRIORITIES” I became an SSTA member 35 years ago in 1972, at a time when probationer teachers were arriving in schools in considerable numbers, without already having signed up…

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