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  • Education Governance: Next Steps – Empowering Our Teachers, Parents and Communities to Deliver Excellence and Equity for Our Children

    The SSTA supports the Government’s determination to bring about improvements in Education by ‘closing the attainment gap’ and giving all young people the opportunity to fulfil their potential. However, the SSTA has argued for a process of review followed by improvements rather than major structural change. The Government has chosen to use its ‘Governance Review’ […]

  • SSTA Survey on SQA changes to National 5 Qualifications

    In addition to the report in today’s Times Education Supplement (Scotland) the SSTA has written to John Swinney, Deputy First Minister, asking for an urgent review of the changes to National 5 Qualifications introduced by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and intended for implementation in 2017-2018 session. Seamus Searson, SSTA General Secretary said “The SSTA […]

  • SSTA Response to Governance Review

    SSTA says ‘Put Pupils First – Give Teachers Time to Teach’ The SSTA would argue for a process of review followed by improvements rather than major structural change in its response to ‘Empowering teachers, parents and communities to achieve excellence and equity in education: A Governance Review’. The SSTA believe that structural change only diverts […]

  • Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2015: Scotland’s Results

    The SSTA is disappointed to note that since 2012 Scotland’s scores for 15 year olds in the PISA assessments have dropped from ‘above average’ in reading and science to average, and have remained average in Maths.  While recognising that the ‘average’ standard is high among the large number of OECD countries assessed, Scotland has a […]

  • SSTA says ‘Put Pupils First’ in this school year

    The SSTA has concerns over the exam burden and the impact on pupil well-being if the current national qualification system is allowed to continue for a further year. The proposed changes for National 5 will not take place until the 2017-2018 session. Seamus Searson, SSTA General Secretary said “the SSTA is acutely aware of the […]

  • ‘Put pupils first – give teachers time to teach!’

    Press Release Put pupils first – give teachers time to teach! The SSTA begins the first phase of its industrial action on Monday 24 October to bring about a reduction in teacher workload. Seamus Searson, SSTA General Secretary said, “The title of our campaign is very important to our members. Our concern about the young […]

  • 91% Vote in Favour of Industrial Action

    The SSTA Ballot for Industrial ‘Action Short of Strike Action’ returned a very large vote in favour to take action to reduce teacher workload. The Ballot closed on Friday (30 September 2106) and the SSTA National Council at its meeting on Saturday authorised the start of Industrial Action on Monday 24 October 2016. Seamus Searson, […]

  • SSTA Challenges Chief Inspector’s statement on reducing teacher workload

    The SSTA conducted a survey of members following the publication on 29 August 2016 of Education Scotland’s “Curriculum for Excellence: A Statement for Practitioners from HM Chief Inspector of Education” document. Seamus Searson SSTA General Secretary said “the Chief Inspector’s Statement to Teachers on addressing teacher workload has been widely rejected by secondary school teachers […]

  • Ballot for Industrial Action to Begin

    SSTA National Executive has set the date for the start of the formal postal ballot for Industrial Action on reducing Teacher Workload. The Ballot will commence on the 14 September and close on 30 September. Seamus Searson, SSTA General Secretary said “the National Executive is very much aware of the efforts of the Deputy First […]

  • Young People Need Support in Schools in Dealing with LGBTI Issues

    The SSTA urges the Scottish Government to ensure priority is given to supporting young people, particularly those under the age of 16, in all school environments in dealing with the whole spectrum of LGBTI issues and of gender recognition including that of non-binary. Seamus Searson, SSTA General Secretary said “LGBT rights have been increasingly strengthened, supported by legislation […]