CfE Audit

Earlier this month the Cabinet Secretary instructed his officials to undertake a ‘deep audit' of readiness to implement the third year of CfE. The audit was his response to the evidence provided by teachers of the work required to prepare properly for S3 of CfE. This audit is currently underway and members may well have been or will be asked to participate in the evidence gathering exercise.

If you are invited to participate please give an honest and frank account of the situation in your department and keep a copy of the report you provide. If you are not invited to participate you may wish to ask your Head Teacher how the evidence is being gathered in your school. You may also wish to offer a report to the HT. I would also recommend that you invite your HT to share his/her final report with staff.

We understand that reports are due to be delivered to the Scottish Government by the end of this month. This is likely to be the last opportunity to clarify the actual position in schools so please do contribute to the audit if you can.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank members for the overwhelming response to the request for information. Your comments have been, and will continue to be extremely useful tools in the campaign for the resources and time to produce a fully developed excellent curriculum. If you wish to discuss this issue or require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

With best wishes

Ann Ballinger

General Secretary