The SSTA's Annual Congress 2021 was held in 2 parts. Part 1 was a private session and took place on the Saturday 15th May 2021 as Virtual Conference. Part 2 of Congress 2021 took place on Saturday 2 October 2021, at the Glasgow Marriot Hotel.


Congress Agenda 2021 - Part 2

Congress was streamed live to allow members and guests to view the workings of the Association. Video of the full Congress can be viewed here.

Links to video of the Presidential Address, Report of the General Secretary, Guest Speakers and Motions will be added below.


View the motions that were passed at Congress and watch video of the debate


Presidential Address by John Guidi

Report of the General Secretary, Seamus Searson

Seamus Searson

Prof. Walter Humes - Guest Speaker at 76th Congress of SSTA

Prof. Mark Priestly, Education Professor, University of Stirling

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