A number of exhibitors will have stalls in the reception area at congress this year.  A list of the exhibitors with further information on them can be found below.



At Cornmarket Insurance Services we specialise in helping educational professionals get protection for the things you value most so you’re covered in case the worst happens. We have been looking after the insurance needs of educators for over 30 years.  We’re focused on providing SSTA members like you with exceptional insurance cover for your car, home, motorbike and travel needs.  Whats more, we can also offer you Cornmarket Protect which includes cover for your mobile phone (member and partner), annual travel insurance for your family, GP24 digital doctor and online counselling 365 days a year for your family, as well as legal expenses cover and breakdown assistance all for only £22 per month, with the first 3 months free, that’s a saving of £66!

Visit https://ssta.org.uk/cornmarket/ to find out more, or call Cornmarket 028 9044 2201 and find out why we are rated excellent on Trustpilot.


Johnston Financial Ltd stands as a distinguished firm of Chartered Independent Financial Advisers dedicated to assisting clients in realising their financial aspirations through tailored and unbiased guidance. Their commitment lies in offering personalized advice that is free from the influence of promoting specific financial products, ensuring recommendations are solely driven by the client's best interests.

Their approach involves a comprehensive analysis of each client's financial landscape, enabling them to develop bespoke financial blueprints that harmonise with both short-term needs and long-term objectives. By delving into factors such as income, expenses, investments, savings, and risk tolerance, they create a roadmap that paves the way for financial success.

Moreover, their expertise comes to the fore in helping clients navigate intricate financial decisions encompassing retirement planning, investment strategies, tax optimization, estate planning, and insurance coverage. This proficiency allows them to provide valuable insights and recommendations in areas where clients may lack expertise, fostering a sense of confidence in decision-making processes.

Within their specialised team, a focus on the Scottish Teachers' Pension Scheme stands out, offering clients detailed benefit projections for retirement. Additionally, they provide strategic advice on enhancing pension benefits and choosing the optimal approach to accessing scheme benefits. Their commitment extends to providing continuous support and monitoring, ensuring that financial plans adapt to changes in clients' circumstances and market dynamics.

Partnering with Johnston Financial Ltd not only steers clients toward their financial goals but also instils a sense of assurance, knowing they have a trusted expert guiding them on the path to financial success.

Stuart McCullough
Financial Planner


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Thompsons Scotland are unashamedly a trade union law firm. We stand up against injustice, mistreatment and injury in the workplace and anywhere else we find it.  The firm attracts a particular kind of lawyer; a lawyer committed to standing up against the perceived power of employers, the insurance industry and, should it come to it, the Government. And with that commitment comes an expertise and dedication that has seen their employment rights and personal injury solicitors secure many prestigious awards which now include being named as Law Firm of the Year at two separate awards in 2023.  We have been at the forefront of cases involving equalities, equal value, discrimination, unfair dismissal, workplace accidents, industrial disease, asbestos and health and safety. Unlike other lawyers, however, we do not see the courts as the only means of achieving a goal for our clients. If the law is wrong and the courts cannot assist, we campaign for change; and we are proud to have secured many important legal reforms over the years.


We provide in-school mental health support services in over 70 primary and high schools in Scotland, and outreach services to more than 150 schools – meaning we are available to over 60,000 children and young people.

We create a Place2Be: a safe and creative space in schools for children and young people to talk about their emotions and any difficulties they are facing, so mental health problems don’t grow with them:

  • Our Place2Be room and clinicians are embedded in schools: by being rooted in the school we can take the support to where children are    
  • We directly support children from the age of 4 up to 18, providing help early on  
  • We are building the capacity of the next generation of Scotland teachers through our Initial Teacher Education partnerships.     

We support the whole school community, creating a Place2Be for all the adults around children and young people in Scotland to learn, reflect and gain confidence in supporting children’s mental health:

  • We’ve developed training for headteachers to transform their school’s approach to mental health (our Senior Mental Health Leads programme)    
  • We provide foundation-level mental health training for all those in the school community who need it
  • We have developed a whole family approach: helping parents and carers support the mental health of their children and improve their own parenting skills through advice, guidance, and training    
  • Through innovative partnerships, we work beyond the school gates, recognising that schools are a community hub

Leckie publishes resources to support schools with their teaching and students with their revision, with books from Early Level right through to Advanced Higher in over 20 subjects.