COVID-19: Advice and Information for Members

FACE COVERINGS – The Official Position – 16 November 2020

Safety Measures in Schools are Putting Teachers at Risk – 29 October 2020

Safety First and the Education Recovery Year – 8 September 2020

SSTA Position Paper: Rapid Review of National Qualifications experience 2020 – 8 September 2020

Guidance on reopening schools – v2.0 – Face Coverings – 25/08/2020

Please find below link to the revised school reopening guidance. This includes amendments to the guidance on face coverings:

You will also wish to note the advisory note on face coverings in schools which is here –—advisory-note-on-face-coverings-in-schools/

Scottish Government COVID-19 SECTOR ADVICE CARD – Designed for managers and employees to guide action to prevent the spread of COVID-19; to support workplace communications and training; and take action in the event of an outbreak – 6 August 2020

Reopening of Schools: Email to School Reps – 11 August 2020

Message to Members  – 4 August 2020 : Safety First and the Reopening of SchoolsTuesday 4 August 2020

Guidance on preparing for the start of the new school term in August 2020 – Thursday 30 July 2020

The Scottish Government will make a statement later today (Thursday 30th July) regarding the reopening of schools and we will inform you when the guidance is released.

The SSTA position throughout the COVID-19 crisis has been one of safety first for all teachers and pupils. The safety of members will continue to be our main focus. It is our intention to give detailed advice to members early next week on the measures necessary for the reopening of schools once all the information is considered.

The SSTA view remains that schools can only reopen and operate safely if there are significant operational changes in place to ensure effective social distancing, strong hygiene routines linked to thorough cleansing practices, availability of PPE, and safeguarding of all members particularly those in vulnerable groups.

Scottish Government: Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance on preparing for the start of the new school term in August 2020 – 30 July 2020

Please find below links to the advice and information sent out by the SSTA in relation to COVID-19.

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