COVID-19: Message to Members

The SSTA reaffirms the advice to members issued on Friday 20 March. Please follow this advice and all members will be supported in your actions by the SSTA.

The first consideration for members must be your own personal safety.

  • If you, or a member of your household, have any of the symptoms then you must follow the health guidance and isolate.
  • If you have an underlying health condition, or are a part of a vulnerable group, you must work from home.
  • If you have caring responsibilities and are unable to make alternative arrangements then you must stay at home.

Members who volunteer:

  • Please inform your Headteacher that you are available and that you wish to volunteer your services.
  • Schools must ensure a ‘risk assessment’ has taken place that includes social distancing, provision of necessary cleaning materials and measures to prevent close contact before asking staff to attend.
  • Schools need to prepare a schedule for the supervision of pupils and a rota for available staff.
  • Do not attend work if you have not been assigned a specific child caring responsibility.
  • Must avoid all unnecessary journeys.

Further updates for members on Home-Working and National Qualifications will follow in due course.