Update for Members in Independent Schools - Edinburgh

The SSTA is keen to provide advice and information to support members who work in Independent Schools. The SSTA is organising meetings in Edinburgh and Glasgow to update members on the latest issues and other services provided by the Association. The meetings will start at 5.30pm.

The General Secretary Seamus Searson will be hosting the meeting and will be supported by Michael Briggs (Thompson Solicitors).


  1. Update on the SNCT Pay negotiations (SS)
  2. Changes to National Qualifications (SS)
  3. Contracts of employment, working hours, how changes can be made to contracts and redundancy (MB)
  4. ‘Free Will’ service provided for SSTA members (Will, a Power of Attorney and an advanced Directive) in preparation for the future (MB)
  5. Other legal services and support (MB)
  6. Any other business

Tea and Coffee will be provided from 5.00pm


Additional information for members
Are you and your family prepared for the future? 
Our independent schools can sometimes appear to take the view that they operate on a different plane in terms of employment law to state schools.  We have expectations and demands placed upon us in terms of undertaking work out with core hours.  Whether these requirements are contractual or not every teacher benefits from the protections in the law under the Working time legislation.
Teacher Contracts in Independent Schools 

You will know that if you have an employment issue you will have the full support of the SSTA’s legal service.  You may know that if you have an accident at work you will also receive expert legal support for free.  But there is so much more to the legal support you and your family receive as an SSTA member.  In fact, our aim is to provide a complete package of free or discounted legal services so that we can be your one stop shop for every legal issue you may have.  Our legal partners will describe the full range of legal services and support available to you as an SSTA member, how you may access them and some of our success stories over the years.
The SSTA’s best kept secret – complete legal services for you and your family 

We all know that we should have a Will but statistics show that less than 50% of Scottish adults have one.  It is difficult but it is not morbid.  It is just about ensuring that your wishes are expressed and followed and it is about ensuring that your family are properly catered for.  But a Will is only one of three key legal documents that experts advise everyone should have these days for the future protection of their family.  The three documents are a Will, a Power of Attorney and an advanced Directive.  Our legal partners, Thompsons Solicitors, will provide a presentation explaining the importance of these three documents, and answer any questions that you may have.


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