General Secretary Report - October 2018

Teachers Pay - April 2018 

SNCT 2018 Pay Claim submitted on the 8 February

  • 10% restorative claim for all grades SNCT Pay Claim
  • EIS and SSTA are the only negotiators for the Teachers’ Side

COSLA (employers) offer – 6 September (SNCT REJECTED offer on 18 September)

  • This offer was for 3% across all SNCT grades except those over £80,000 (previous pay offer of 2% for those above £36,500 and 3% for those below).
  • COSLA also supported a Scottish Government proposal to amend the Main Grade Salary Scale by reducing the number of points from 6 to 5 with a higher starting and finishing point
  • SNCT Negotiations Ended - Thursday 4 October


SNCT Career Pathways Committee

  • Moyra Boland of Glasgow University chair of the independent committee established by the SNCT
  • Committee seeking evidence and views from all stakeholders including a teachers’ survey and public meetings
  • The working group is due to submit its report to the SNCT in December 2018.
  • SSTA will be making a formal response by 25 October


Scottish Teachers’ Pension Scheme Advisory Board - 28 September 2018

  • The scheme has breached the ‘cost cap’ (the way that the cost of pensions is balanced against the value of pension scheme member contributions).
  • The cost cap exists to ensure a fair balance of risks between scheme members and the taxpayer.
  • It takes into account the past and future service costs of all members of the reformed schemes, together with factors such as life expectancy, growth in salaries and career paths
  • Further meeting to take place in the coming weeks


Education Bill June 2018 (deferred)

  • COSLA/Government Agreement included commitments to:
  • Headteachers’ Charter to empower headteachers in the following areas:

Curriculum, School Improvement (also a review of planning across the system), Staffing (LA still able to intervene), Funding (Headteachers will make decisions on the spending within that delegated budget),

  • Parental and community engagement
  • Pupil participation
  • Regional Improvement Collaboratives (£10m funding announced in Sept)
  • Education Workforce Council consensus on the principle of widening registration to others but significant change should be carefully considered.

  • Education Scotland are currently conducting LA inspection for ‘empowerment’ in preparation for moving forward with the Headteachers’ Charter

2019 NIF and Improvement Plan

  • Review to be undertaken - little appetite for change
  • Focus on Health and Well-Being and Early Learning and Childcare
  • Health and Wellbeing Census P5 to S4.Further discussion on S5 and S6
  • Evidence report to become a dashboard to allow further investigation


International Council of Education Advisers (ICEA)

  • ICEA reappointed for a further 2 years
  • Report published June 2018 (19 recommendations) includes:
  • Develop the 4 capacities of CfE
  • Define and gauge the health and wellbeing of young people
  • Continue with the Attainment Challenge Fund
  • Systematic steps to strengthen fairness, inclusion, and equity in education through ongoing investments in excellence
  • An implementation plan for furthering educational improvement with co-ownership and engagement across the system
  • Use of the term Improvement rather than Reform
  • Move towards an empowered and self-improving learning system
  • A collaborative approach to improvement rather than a legislative approach
  • Focus on capacity building
  • Three key policy imperatives for improvement: professional empowerment, responsibility and ownership
  • Collaboration remains the central focus of system improvement
  • Ensure that the RICs are providing additional capacity and have adequate capacity and resources to directly impact on learning and teaching
  • Provide funding and support for RICs to take forward regional pedagogical networks linked to teaching and learning

  • Government response to report due in September
  • Joint meeting with the Scottish Education Council to discuss the ICEA Report and COSLA/Government Agreement also published in June


Scottish Education Council

  • Members by invitation of DFM and includes all six Regional Improvement Collaborative (RIC) Lead Officers and Chief Inspector
  • Notes of June meeting


Education Leaders Forum - 1 October

  • 70 organisations (including public and 3rd sector) – to look at ‘wider issues’
  • Agenda to include:
  • Education Reform – Joint (COSLA) Agreement and ICEA Recommendations
  • National Improvement Framework Review and Improvement Plan for 2019


BGE Benchmarking Tool

  • Meeting with LAs, Headteachers and teachers
  • Not a performance tool - to support dialogue and assist improvement


School Information Dashboard/Parentzone Scotland

  • School information in a wider context – launch 29 August
  • 3 sections – primary, secondary and special schools
  • Using existing data in one place
  • Developing supporting materials to help parents


Strategic Board for Teacher Education (SBTE) - 12 September 2018


     Report from the Headteacher Recruitment Working Group

  • Career Pathways and Preparation for Headship – into, within and beyond Headship
  • Support for existing Headteachers – from Local Authorities and Education Scotland
  • Promoting the Role of Headteacher - awareness-raising campaign Autumn 2018
  • Terms, Conditions and Incentives – SNCT impact of potential education reforms

    Report from the Diversity in the Teaching Profession Working Group

  • Closing the awareness gap
  • Attractiveness of Initial Teacher Education (ITE) to students from minority ethnic background
  • Effectiveness of university admissions processes in attracting a diverse range of applicant
  • Student placement experiences and support for students
  • Retaining students and teachers from minority backgrounds while supporting promotion at all levels
  • Responsibility of the Education Sector

Education Policy Conferences

  • Education Scotland organising a national conference on 20 November with 6 regional conferences to follow


STUC General Council

Research Update

  • Within its strategic priority - the Economy and Industrial Sectors, the General Council agreed to conduct 3 pieces of research:
  • The South of Scotland Economy
  • The Aberdeen / Aberdeenshire Economy
  • The shape and structure of the Construction Industry


First Minister Biannual Meeting - 31 October 2018

  • Agenda – Economy, Scottish Budget, Programme for Government, Fair Work by increasing Collective Bargaining coverage.


Forthcoming Events


Professional Courses (5.30 to 8.00pm)


Understanding Mental Health

North Ayrshire - September

Aberdeen - September


Dementia Awareness

Aberdeen (Northern Hotel, Aberdeen) - Tuesday 6 November

Glasgow (STUC) -Tuesday 27 November


 Tackling Homophobia

Edinburgh (SSTA) - Wednesday 24 October

Glasgow (STUC) - Wednesday 5 December


**SSTA seeking additional SUL funding for further courses**


 St Andrew’s Day Anti-Racism March and Rally 24 November 2018

 The theme “Still We Rise: Internationalism, Freedom, Justice”.

  • Assemble at Glasgow Green at 10.30am, march through Glasgow to a rally at Adelaide’s, Bath Street at 12 noon.

 STUC Women's Conference, Dundee, 29-30 October 2018

 STUC Congress, Dundee, 15-17 April 2019

 SSTA Congress, Crieff, 17-18 May 2019