Members are asked to note the following points relating to the provision of legal advice and representation.

1. Preliminary legal advice relating to non-professional matters is obtainable from Thompsons Solicitors Helpline. A card giving details of how to contact this service is provided for all members.

2. Legal advice or representation on professional matters can be provided for members but only at the instigation of the General Secretary. Membership of the Association does not give an automatic entitlement to legal advice.

3. Where legal advice is provided, the representation will be arranged by the Association. Members should not instruct solicitors on their own behalf as the Association will not generally be financially liable for the costs.

4. Where legal representation relates to an employment or personal injury matter, the solicitors provided will normally be the Association's own solicitors. Where, however, there is a need for a local representation, a local agent will be arranged by the Association's solicitors. The local agent will normally contact the member directly.

5. It should be noted that the representation provided relates only to any initial case. If the member encounters any further problems which it is felt might require legal representation, the General Secretary should again be approached.

Approved by Finance Committee May 2001