McCormac Review- The Report of the Review of Teacher Employment in Scotland

The full report of the McCormac Committee "Advancing Professionalism in Teaching - The Report of the Review of Teacher Employment in Scotland" is available to download from here

A Summary of main proposals by the McCormac Committee is listed below.

  • Annex B should be removed and all teachers work to a set of standards produced by the GTCS
  • Annex E of the Teachers' Agreement should be removed
  • All teachers should remain in school during the pupil day. Additional time should be spent working collegiately
  • The emphasis on the 35 hour working week should move to a ‘working term' consisting of number of weeks x 35 hours.
  • Commitment to a minimum of 35 hours of CPD should remain and be linked to a national system of Personal Review and Personal Development
  • There should be no change to class contact time which should remain at 855 hours per year. Class contact should be considered over a longer period such as a month or a term.
  • The Charter Teacher Scheme should not be continued.
  • Professionalism should be enhanced through other routes
  • Employers and Head Teachers should consider the use of experienced professionals who are not teachers to enhance learning in the classroom. The GTCS should develop a validation process to assist schemes for the involvement of specialists.
  • The job-sizing toolkit should be reviewed to address anomalies and ensure consistent application.

Please note additional information will follow in the next few days once the report has been fully examined and the proposals discussed by the Salaries and Conditions of Service Committee.

13 September 2011