Pension Proposals Update

Recent press reports suggest that the Government may be planning to amend the legislation to break the current link between annual increases in pension payments and the RPI, replacing it with a link to the much lower CPI.

Teacher unions throughout the UK are working together to stop this proposal ever happening.   At present the campaign is being conducted through the Pensions Working Group and is of a very technical and legal nature.   If this is unsuccessful a more direct campaign will be launched.   At present however our focus is on refuting the claims of ‘gold-plated pensions' we keep reading about.   It may interest you to know that the majority of pensions paid to teachers across the UK provide a gold-plated £9000 per annum, or less.

Updates will be posted on the website and sent to members by email at the end of the summer.   In the meantime if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at