The Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association, Scotland's only specialist union for secondary teachers, expressed its concern today regarding the temporary closure of 5 Edinburgh Private Public Partnership (PPP) secondary schools.

General Secretary Seamus Searson said, "For young people due to start sitting national exams in a matter of days, the timing could hardly be worse.  Edinburgh City Council and the building contractors have known about these structural problems since walls started collapsing in January, yet it is only now that proper inspections are taking place.  Pupil and staff safety is paramount, but youngsters' life chances are also top priority."

SSTA President Euan Duncan said, "In the days before the exams begin, teachers and pupils are under pressure to ensure all Scottish Qualification Authority submissions are complete.  It's incredible that these fairly new buildings may not be fit for teaching. This is an example of how putting profit before pupils damages education.  PPP schools cost taxpayers a fortune, and now we must ask what will be the cost to our children."

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11 April 2016

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