Role of the Panel

The Senior Managers' Advisory Panel is part of the Association's Committee Structure. It demonstrates the Association's commitment to represent and support teachers at all levels in the profession and ensures that the policies and deliberations of the Association takes account of the views and perspectives of Senior Promoted members in schools.

In common with other committees, the panel is routinely invited to respond to consultations and their views will inform and support the formation of the final Association response. The view of the Panel is particularly valuable in matters relating to Senior Promoted Staff in schools. The Panel reports annually to Congress where policy is decided and to Council when the Panel believes it appropriate.

Members of the Senior Managers' Advisory Panel

Archibald Bathgate (Convener)

Seamus Searson (Serving Official)

Bill Crossan

Christopher Davies

Susan Forman

Catriona Henderson

David MacDonald

David Peat

Ian Smith

Gordon West

Angela Wotherspoon

SSTA Office Bearers ( President, Vice President, Immediate Past President, General Secretary,  General Treasurer and Minutes Secretary)

The panel has produced a number of helpful advice leaflets on several issues aimed at Senior Managers. These include

Absence Management Procedures

Disciplinary Procedures

Handling Grievances in School

Handling Bereavement in School

Managing Stress in the Workplace