SNCT Teachers' Panel Pay Claim 2022

The SNCT Teachers’ Panel met on Friday 4 February to consider the current pay offer (2021-2022) and a potential pay claim for (2022-2023).
2021-2022 Pay Claim
The existing Cosla offer

  • 1% from April 2021,
  • a further 1% from January 2022 and
  • a one-off payment of £100

This offer was rejected by the SSTA in December and was formally rejected by all members of the SNCT Teachers’ Panel. It is expected that negotiations are to continue later this week.
2022-2023 Pay Claim
The Government’s public sector pay policy for 2022-2023 is a flat £500 increase for those earning above £40,000. This would mean teachers at the top of the main scale would receive a 1.25% pay increase with less for those beyond.
The SNCT Teachers’ Panel discussed a pay claim for 2022-2023. With inflation increasing and the importance of a restorative pay claim it was agreed to submit a 10% one year pay claim for the coming year.
SSTA Advice to any member that may have left or are intending to leave the service in the coming months, must ensure to make a backdated pay claim or they may lose the benefit of an increase in salary. Please follow the link for further information and prepared pro-forma. Backdated-Pay-Claim.pdf (