Council is the principal committee of the Association and the formal decision- making body. Each district elects members to attend Council which meets on the first Saturday of October, December and March.

Members are elected for 2 years. Elections take place before March the 1st every 2nd year. Council members decide Association policy and our response to government proposals on the curriculum (CfE), salary increases and conditions of service (McCrone) and HMIe initiatives (HGIOS). All members of Council are teachers with differing experiences and expertise but we all share one invaluable expertise: We all work at the chalkface and have the necessary experience to understand the implications of any proposed changes or initiatives.

Each district can elect one Council member for every 150 district members they have. Council Members are elected for a 2 year period. If you think you might be interested in becoming a Council member for your district ask if you can attend a meeting as an observer.

Council 2023-2025

Members of the SSTA Council 2023 - 2025 will be elected by Districts and Areas at their meetings in February 2023.

District and Area Secretaries can use the forms below to submit the nominations.

Council 2023-25 - Member Nomination form

Council 2023-25 - Nomination to Committee