SSTA Temperature/ Humidity Campaign

As you will know concerns relating to classroom temperatures/humidity are an annual problem. Some rooms are always too cold in winter and some are too hot in summer. It has become clear, given the current financial climate that some councils/schools have reduced the ambient temperatures as an efficiency saving.

The Association is supplying schools with one Digitech temperature/humidity meter to aid members to monitor/record the temperature/humidity in their classroom.

Members who wish to record the temperatures of their classroom should contact the school's SSTA health and safety representative or school representative who will be able to supply the Digitech meter and instructions on how to use it and record the results.  

Additional copies of the forms that accompany the Digitech temperature/humidity meter can be accessed below.

To open the documents below you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader it can be downloaded from

How to use the DigiTech meter

Recording temperature and humidity

School Rep record sheet

H&S Report Form A

H&S Report Form B