STUC Women's Conference, Monday/Tuesday 11th - 12th November 2013

Are you interested in attending the STUC Women's Conference?

Monday/Tuesday 11th - 12th November 2013, Caird Hall, Dundee

The Women's Committee of the STUC will hold their annual conference in November. The conference will be attended by around 150 women delegates from the trade unions and trade union councils that are affiliated to the STUC. These affiliates are able to submit motions for debate and consideration by the conference. The conference votes on the motions submitted and also elects women delegates to serve on the STUC's Women's Committee each year.

The SSTA can send several delegates and visitors to the Conference. It is always a great experience – with stimulating debate and opportunities to network with other like-minded women from other Trade Unions.

Can those women members who are interested in attending - either as a delegate or a visitor - submit their names to us no later than the 16th of September. It is helpful that potential delegates/visitors check the position with regard to grant of facilities time from their employers, prior to confirming their interest with us.

Travelling expenses and accommodation will be covered by the SSTA.

The SSTA will submit up to 2 motions to the Conference. We are keen to ensure that the motions submitted reflect the concerns and interest of our members and would therefore be interested to hear from any women members who has suggestions as to the issues they believe we should be addressing.

Delegates will be expected to speak to the motions which the SSTA will be submitting to the Conference. Help and support will be given with this.