The General Treasurer informed December Council that due to demands placed on the Association that subscriptions needed to be increased from January 2020. The General Treasurer reminded Council that the Association had been reluctant to make increases to subscriptions whilst teachers’ salaries had not seen a significant improvement and the Association and had kept subscription increases well below inflation. The 2018 subscription increase was delayed until April 2018 with no subsequent increase in January 2019.

The General Treasurer explained that the Association managed, during this period, by placing restraints on expenditure but there was now a need increase subscriptions to meet rising expenditure and improve services to members. Subscriptions are to increase from January 2020 by 35p a month for full-time members and by 18p a month for part-time, temporary, job-share or supply contracts and retired members.

The reduced annual subscription for 2020 for full-time members will be £175.45 and £87.78 for part-time, temporary, job-share, supply and retired members, if their fees are paid by annual direct debit or cheque by 31 January 2020.  This saving is clearly of advantage to members and is only available to those who pay before the end of January.

The rates for 2020 are as follows:

Full-time members

£175.45 if paid annually by 31 January 2020, or £191.40 if paid afterwards;

£15.95 per month from January 2020 when paid by monthly direct debit.

Retired, part-time, job-share, temporary or supply members:

£87.78 if paid annually by 31 January 2020, or £95.76 if paid afterwards;

£7.98 per month from January when paid by monthly direct debit.

We should like to remind you that your SSTA subscriptions are a tax allowable expense. Two-thirds of the annual subscription payable to the Association is allowable for income tax relief. Section 343, Part 5, Chapter 2 of the Income tax (Earning and Pensions) Act 2003. Further information on how to make a claim can be found on the HMRC website

New Entrants

New entrants to the profession, including former Associate members, are admitted free for 16 months from the August of the year in which they complete their initial teacher training.

Month of Joining Full-TimeTemporary, Part-Time, Job-share, Supply
February £175.45 £87.78
March £159.50 £79.80
April £143.55 £71.82
May £127.60 £63.84
June £111.65 £55.86
July £ 95.70 £47.88
August £ 79.75 £39.90
September £ 63.80 £31.92
October £ 47.85 £23.94
November £ 31.90 £15.96
December £ 15.95 £ 7.98