Retirement Planning

These courses are offered exclusively by the SSTA though and independent financial advisor. The Courses are designed for members who are approaching retirement and are normally held in January and February. A list of planned courses will be listed here. Recordings of recent pension briefings are listed below.

The Workshop explores the following topics:

      • Introductions
      • The Teachers’ Pension Schemes
      • Sargeant & McCloud - The impact
      • Phased Retirement & what has happened to Winding Down
      • Cashflow in Retirement
      • Using your Savings and Investments
      • Where can you get help


Presentation on the changes to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme. This will concentrate on “The Remedy” and the impact that the Sergeant and McCloud court case has had on your pension benefits, the choices that you will have to make and when you will have to make them. Stuart will also provide a demonstration on how to use the Remedy Calculator on the SPPA website to help you calculate your expected pension benefits.