Online Retirement Workshop - Monday 18 March

This is one of the most important years to look at various options that you have available regarding your retirement. With the changes that have been brought about following the Sergeant and McCloud ruling you need to understand the impact these will have on your pension and your retirement. The workshop is designed to take you through these options and help you understand what your retirement can look like. We will be exploring the actions you can take both before and after retirement to give you a secure financial future. We will run through various examples looking at cashflows to help identify how you can structure your retirement incomes, as well as your savings and investments to give you the retirement you desire.

The Workshop explores the following topics:

    • Introductions
    • The Teachers’ Pension Schemes
    • Sargeant & McCloud - The impact
    • Phased Retirement & what has happened to Winding Down
    • Cashflow in Retirement
    • Using your Savings and Investments
    • Where can you get help.