The Purpose of our Ballot

Dear Colleagues

I am grateful to members who have forwarded comments made by other unions concerning the purpose of this ballot.   If anyone is confused I hope the following is helpful.

Consultative ballots are used by this Association to:

  • seek members' views on important issues
  • inform the relevant committee
  • make a policy decision based on the response received from members.

The overwhelming view of our members (being a democratic body) will guide OUR policy.

Changes in Conditions of Service may be imposed on you by your employers. If that happens we will fight it by whatever means are available to us. One thing is certain. If our membership accepts the current proposals this Association has no mandate for further action.

Best wishes

Ann Ballinger

General Secretary

Full details of the revised proposals can be viewed here.

Members wishing to register their vote online can do so using the link below. You require your ballot paper with the unique reference number to vote. You must enter the reference number when you vote.

Please note that if a vote is registered online and a postal vote is also made, BOTH votes will be regarded as spoilt papers.

The result of the consultative ballot will be published on our website as soon as possible after the ballot closes at 12 noon on 28 April 2011.

You can vote online now.