Indicative Ballot - West Dunbartonshire Management Restructuring  - BALLOT CLOSED

The Local Authority embarked on a management restructuring exercise in the autumn term following a very quick consultation exercise.

SSTA members met in October and sought an agreement through the LNCT on the restructuring process that protected all staff and a longer timescale for implementation. The SSTA met the Local Authority in November and sought an LNCT agreement on the current restructuring and a longer timescale. We were informed that the date for implementation had been moved from 1 April to 1 May and that the authority would be keen to reach an agreement with the unions.

A number of meetings took place before Christmas to find an agreement and unfortunately this was not possible. As a consequence the EIS moved towards a strike on 12 January and a work to contract as from 13 January.

At a meeting of SSTA members on 7 January a request was made for an indicative ballot of members in relation to the restructuring and potential industrial action. I would like to emphasise the importance that all members respond to this Indicative Ballot as a poor return would not be helpful in determining the way forward.

You can submit your vote using the form below.

To submit your vote you must enter the unique number from the top right of your ballot paper.  If the ballot paper ID does is not verified as correct the vote will not be counted.

If you submit an online vote and a paper vote, it will only be counted once.