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NQT - Qualified in 2023

You will receive free membership until January 2025


Qualified in 2022

Free membership until January 2024 and 70% off subscription fees in 2024

New Members

50% off subscription fees for the first 12 months of membership


Part-Time Teachers

Pay a reduced subscription fee.  50% off the full-time subscription


We believe that it is essential that the views of secondary teachers are firmly represented. Secondary teaching is not simply more specialised primary teaching.

Founded in 1944, the Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association is Scotland's only specialist union for Secondary Teachers. If you wish your views as a secondary teacher to be fully represented, there is only one union you can join.

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Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association, West End House, 14 West End Place, Edinburgh EH11 2ED

0131 313 7300

Monday to Thursday – 9am to 4.45pm Friday - 9am to 4.15pm

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