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Getting in touch with the SSTA

It is not necessary to contact the school representative in the first instance. Should the matter be confidential or a matter which the school representative would not be expected to handle you should contact SSTA HQ. The school representative can initially assist in matters relating to the school 35 hour agreement and similar school related issues. You may also contact the SSTA District Secretary (listed below).

The District Secretary can advise to a certain extent and matters which are generally discussed with the employer at the local JCC/JCG or LNCT. It is more likely, however, that you will require to contact the General Secretary. You should certainly do so in respect of any contractual or disciplinary issue. You should write if the problem is not urgent. Please telephone only where the use of the post may cause damaging delay. You can also email. It should be noted that emailed correspondence is not given any priority over postal items.

SSTA Office Bearers:

  • Kevin Campbell – President
  • John Guidi – Vice President
  • Euan Duncan – Immediate Past President
  • Elaine Henderson – General Treasurer
  • Alan Taylor – Minutes Secretary

Permanent Officials based in the Edinburgh office are:

  • Seamus Searson – General Secretary
  • Fiona Dalziel– Depute General Secretary
  • Iain Glennie – Professional Officer
  • Elizabeth Hunter– Professional Officer

A list of the SSTA district officials can be found here.


Contact Details

Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association, West End House, 14 West End Place, Edinburgh EH11 2ED

0131 313 7300

Monday to Thursday – 9am to 4.45pm Friday - 9am to 4.15pm

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