School Representatives are our most important and valuable assets, the link between members and the structure of the Association. Without you it would be extremely difficult for us to remain in regular contact with members.

Please remember that you are never alone in this new role. Your District Secretary is always available to discuss local issues and to offer support. In addition the Association's permanent staff is always available to discuss any difficulty and offer advice. Please do not hesitate to contact us with a query, either by email or by telephone. We aim to respond to email queries within 24 hours during term time, slightly longer during holiday periods. We will never expect you to act as a substitute for our professional staff or to undertake any duty that you're uncomfortable with. We will always undertake to support you and provide training for any role you undertake. One example of this is school negotiations, where regular training and support is offered and advice readily available.

This handbook contains information which will give you basic information and allow you to answer routine queries from members. It is simply a reference source and can be used in conjunction with the advice notes on the ‘members only' section of the website. If you find that any information which would be useful has been omitted, please let us know and we can use the information to update the handbook.

Useful information for School Reps

SSTA School Representatives Handbook - September 2017

Role of School Representative

Accompanying a Member

Online Training Presentations