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The following advice is provided for members regarding the provision and use of "Management Time".

  1. There is no such concept as management time (MT) contained in any national agreement. If there is any agreement it can exist only at school or authority level. It is noted that most school agreements are very loose and tend not to give any guarantees. It is often stated that it is "hoped" that PTs will not have additional calls to provide class cover which would erode MT.
  2. The only valid mechanism whereby Management Time can be provided is by reducing class contact time. This is clearly what is done to provide MT for members of SMTs. The same must be done for PTs.
  3. The only other mechanism available is to incorporate MT into the 35 hour week as part of the Working Time Agreement (WTA). This would entail having a separate WTA for promoted staff. The SSTA has not seen such a WTA. It must be kept in mind that all duties for all teachers must be capable of being completed within the 35 hour week. The matter of MT cannot simply be ignored in such a way as to suggest that PTs are expected to find the time from working beyond the 35 hour contractual limit. It should be noted, however, that the Association does not generally advise its members to restrict themselves to a 35 hour week. Such action would only follow intransigence on the part of management. The Association is aware that promoted staff (like all teachers) work well beyond the 35 hour contractual limit.
  4. Where, however, a promoted member of staff finds that insufficient time is available for management duties, the Headteacher should be asked to prioritise these duties and the teacher should make it clear that any work for which time is not available will remain incomplete.
  5. The situation with respect to promoted guidance staff is somewhat different. Again, the only mechanism which exists to permit time for guidance duties is by a reduction in class contact time. Members are advised to have this time identified by period. These periods would be distinct from the teacher's personal preparation and correction periods. During this time therefore, the teacher would not generally expect to be able to exercise the right to "time and place" but would not be available for class cover. Where no guarantee relating to cover requests is forthcoming, members are advised to complete their guidance quota for the week only when it is seen that cover request will not be made. (Effectively, a late call to provide cover must not be at the expense of the teacher's own personal preparation and correction time).