The SSTA has noted with considerable concern the abolition of subject PT posts in many Scottish schools.


Naturally, the duties of the former PTs may still require to be carried out. Contractually there is no doubt that these duties now belong to the "super-PTs" or member of senior management assigned the relevant duties and who were given credit for them in their jobsizing.


There will clearly be occasions where these senior members of staff lack the relevant experience or knowledge to undertake certain tasks. It is more than possible that unpromoted subject teachers (or former Principal Teachers) will be approached and "asked" to assist.


The following questions often arise. The Association, therefore, provides the following advice for members who find themselves in such situations.


Q1. Who is contractually required to undertake the duties carried out by former PTs who have been removed from control of their departments?


The person allocated the relevant jobsizing score.


Q2. What responsibility has the former PT for such duties?




Q3 How should this be made clear?


The PT should seek, and be given, either an amended contract or a letter of amendment to the current contract.


Q4. What responsibility have unpromoted teachers for such duties?




Q5. This may cause practical difficulties. How should these be remedied?


They are a problem for the authority. They were also caused be the authority.


As a general rule there can often be a clear distinction drawn between work related to a teacher's assigned classes and work relating to other classes. As example, unpromoted teachers may collate evidence for the purposes of appeals following SQA examinations for their own classes but should not be asked to be responsible for the collation of such appeals across a whole subject or a complete year.


Q6 Is there a general rule to determine what constitutes a duty for a non-promoted teacher?


It is simple. Unpromoted teachers are not required to carry out work which they did not carry out in previous years because the work was clearly the duty of a PT.


Q7 How can PT duties be determined?


PT duties are listed in Annexe B of the post-McCrone agreement. There are no additions. These duties cannot be varied at local or school level.


Q8. These duties include liaison with the SQA, the leadership of curriculum development and requisitioning. All of these are items which cause particular difficulties. How should these be handled?


See answers above. There are no exceptions.


Q9. To what extent can any duty be delegated?


It cannot. A "duty" is a duty only for the person contractually obliged to carry out the duty.


Q10. How can I obtain further advice?


Please write to the General Secretary. If the matter is urgent, please telephone.


Q11. Are there any additional duties applicable to the post of Chartered Teacher?


Absolutely not. The additional salary relates only to the additional qualification and no more.