Probationer Contact Time


In 2011, the SNCT, of which the SSTA is a member, agreed a deal on teachers’ conditions which included reference to a teaching time of 0.82 FTE for probationers on the Teacher Induction Scheme (TIS).

A fully-qualified teacher's contracted hours are 22.5 hours per week maximum contact time so the 0.82 FTE is equivalent to 18.5 maximum hours of contact time each week.  Probationers on the TIS should not therefore be timetabled beyond this amount over the year.  If you are timetabled beyond this amount or are asked to go beyond this time on any occasion please contact the office for advice.

Probationers who are on the alternative route to registration can be timetabled in the same way as a fully-qualified teacher until the standard is reached and will remain on point 0 on the salary scale until this point.





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