Members who have served on the temporary staff continuously for a period of over one year can request to be given priority consideration to be transferred to the permanent staff as long as there are suitable vacancies. The provision is subject to local arrangements which may amend the terms of this general advice. Where no local agreement exists, the above terms continue to apply.

The paragraph states "A teacher who is employed on the temporary staff may at any time apply for a transfer to the permanent staff and application shall not normally be refused if a teacher has given satisfactory full or part-time continuous service for a period of one year." It makes no difference whether the one year period has been served under a single contract, a series of contracts or without the issue of a formal contract.

Members who wish to make an application for transfer to the permanent staff should write to HR, giving details of their current service.

Because of the requirement for one year's service, members should not write requesting permanent status (or raise the issue in any way) until the expiry of the one year qualifying period.

It should be noted that this right is generally limited to an appointment to the permanent staff and not a particular post or indeed full-time. There is no right to be confirmed permanently in the post currently held. An exception would be in the case of a temporary appointment extending to four years or more. Where the period over which any temporary contract has been held reaches four years, members may rely on other regulations which have the effect of making the appointment permanent. This provision therefore also applies to promoted posts held on a temporary basis.