Anyone considering going part-time should be aware of the effect this will have on their Working Year and Working Week.  This can be a bit more complicated for part-time rather than full-time staff.  A full-time teacher’s contract consists of a few elements:

  • 190 pupil days
  • 5 In-Service days
  • Contact time – maximum of 22.5 hours per week
  • Preparation and Correction time (remaining time) – maximum of 7.5 hours per week (one-third of contact time
  • Collegiate time (set aside in the WTA) – an average of 5 hours per week
  • Holidays accrued at 0.2051 for each working day, i.e. 195 x 0.2051 = 40 days – with the remaining 26 days considered as school closure days, neither paid nor allocated against holiday allowance.
  • The full Working Year is therefore 195 days plus 40 days holiday = 235 days.

Part-timers therefore have to take all of these elements into consideration.  For example, if you are working 0.6 you will be obliged to work:

  • 190 pupil days x 0.6 = 114 days per year
  • 5 in-service days x 0.6 = 3 days per year
  • 22.5 hours x 0.6 = 13.5 hours maximum contact time per week
  • 7.5 hours x 0.6 = 4.5 hours maximum preparation and correction time per week
  • 5 hours x 0.6 = 3 hours maximum collegiate time per week

Some years there may be a day or two less or more than 195 days, depending on the calendar and your obligation is to do your proportion of whatever days are allocated for that school year.

If you work on a Monday you may have to work extra days to make up for the holidays and if you work other days only you may be due time back.  The main thing is to have a look at the school calendar for the year, work out how many working days are available, see how many days you will be working and compare it to the number of days for which you are paid.  If you are going to be working less then you will be due time to the school, if you are due to be working more then you are due time back.  This should be discussed with your line manager to find a mutually agreed solution.

The only element of collegiate time for which you have to attend on a day you do not normally work is a parents’ night.  However, you only have to do your proportion of whatever hours are put aside for this element either in days or hours.  This should be agreed up front with your line manager.

Also, it is best if you discuss with your line manager beforehand, usually by the end of the previous school year, which In-Service Days you will attend.  There may be whole-school training or some days which would be more beneficial for you to attend.

Published 18 October 2017