ASOSA – Action Short of Strike Action


The SSTA National Executive has sanctioned the ‘Action Short of Strike Action’ (ASOSA) and has confirmed the name of our campaign “Put pupils first – give teachers time to teach!”

18 November 2016

Further guidance for all members, members in management positions, guidance, pupil support and members designated as establishment contact (ultimately ‘named person’).

Action Short of Strike Action Phase 2 – Guidance to members

SSTA Guidance - ASOS Phase 2

For school Representatives

PowerPoint Presentation Guidance to members

Video: SSTA Guidance – ‘Action Short of Strike Action’


Please find below the ASOSA Guidance to Members and a link to a video message from the General Secretary.

A more detailed presentation of the ASOSA Guidance will be issued to School Representatives at the start of next week.

The ASOSA Guidance is being issued to Local Authorities and should be discussed at the forthcoming LNCT meeting.

SSTA Guidance on "ASOSA"

SSTA Guidance on ‘ASOSA’