To access any of these services (other than employment advice which is always accessed through the SSTA directly) telephone 0800 081 2207


Free Legal Advice

You may receive free legal advice for up to half an hour on any matter from an expert solicitor.

Accidents, Injuries and Disease Outside Work

The union legal scheme covers all accidents and injuries suffered outwith work including road traffic accidents, street tripping accidents, accidents in public buildings like shops and health clubs etc and accidents abroad.   This service extends to all members of your family.

Road Traffic Service

An exclusive service that rivals anything you can be given by your motor insurers under their legal expense scheme but for free – see below for more information about this exciting new addition to the legal services we provide.

Discounted Rates for Family Law and Conveyancing Services

You will receive expert advice at a discounted rates negotiated by the SSTA.

Free Wills Scheme

In the modern age, with complex family and financial structures everyone should have a will.   As an SSTA member you can have your will prepared for free.

Fixed Rate Executry and Bereavement Service

In Scotland when a loved one dies, unlike the position in England, it is necessary to instruct a solicitor to go through a court process to ensure that your loved one's estate is distributed in accordance with their wishes.   Fixed rates for this type of work are commonly offered in England but are never offered in Scotland because the system here is much more complicated.   Thompsons have broken that mould and will provide this service to all SSTA members and their families at an extremely competitive rate which they guarantee will never exceed 2.5% of the estate value.

Services Extended to Family Members

As an added benefit of membership, Thompsons will provide the following services not only to members but also to their immediate family:

  • Claims for accident, injury and disease outside work;
  • Road traffic scheme;
  • Fixed rate executry and bereavement service

Road Traffic Scheme

Our road traffic scheme takes all of those problems away.   If you are involved in an accident that wasn't your fault, we shall:

  • Arrange for your vehicle to be recovered by the roadside and taken to a dealership approved bodyshop or repair centre;
  • Manage the repair process by ensuring that matters progress as quickly as possible;
  • Liaise with all of the insurers;
  • Provide you with a vehicle of exactly the same make and model as your own car while it is being repaired ensuring that you will not be forced to drive a lesser courtesy car;
  • Recover all of your losses including wage loss, injury, inconvenience, policy excess and damage to property;

In other words you will have all of the benefits associated with legal expense insurance which may be purchased as part of home, contents or motor insurance but at no cost to you.   You will no longer need to take legal expense insurance which will save you, and your family, money every single year.