NQT’s will receive free membership of the SSTA for the first 16 Months of their teaching career. Join online at

The SSTA believes the job of a secondary teacher is different. We know the demands of your profession because we’ve been secondary teachers too.

Becoming a union member is the best career choice you can make. It levels the playing field between you and your employer, giving you a team of specialist staff to back you when problems arise. With the strength of our growing membership, the SSTA can negotiate the best outcome for you as an individual - and the sector as a whole.

Every member has access to full-time union officials who can advise and represent you in matters such as unfair dismissal, salary issues, or bullying and harassment. Free legal advice and representation is also available on all professional and employment matters.

The SSTA is the voice of secondary teachers in negotiations. As the only union to solely represent secondary teachers on pay and conditions, we fight to get you the best deal.

We also campaign to ensure the views and needs of secondary teachers are heard in policy debates. If you wish your views to be fully represented, there is only one union you should join.

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