Euan G Duncan

Principal Teacher of Support (Pastoral)

Kilwinning Academy, Kilwinning

Teachers fund the GTCS entirely. As such we have a right to good standards, good value and good governance.

As an SSTA member, I believe:

  • the secondary teacher perspective should be integral to GTCS decisions;
  • elements of the McCormac report will have to be considered by the GTCS.

If elected I will work to ensure that:

  • reaccreditation of teachers by the GTCS will not become an abusing stick;
  • the GTCS is truly independent of external political ambitions;
  • secondary teachers continue to have a strong voice;
  • reduction of teacher unemployment is given high priority.


James B Forbes

Teacher of German and French

Lasswade High School Centre, Bonnyrigg

The GTC – you've got to hand it to them – at £45 a year!

What do you get for that money while redundancies threaten and teachers remain jobless?

“Independence”? High quality CPD? A glossy magazine?

I've often wondered too.

We need to hold the elected members to account for what they do with your hard earned cash. We need to know what expenses they claim, how often they attend and whether they ever raise their voice on your behalf at meetings of full Council.

If elected, I promise to ask again and again those difficult questions others don't want to hear.

Robert F. Macmillan

Teacher of Modern Studies

Lochgelly High School, Fife

GTCS must behave less like a tool of management or of government and act more on behalf of the people who pay for it - the teachers.

GTCS must:

  • work to end the disgrace of NQT unemployment
  • ensure that any ‘reaccreditation' scheme is not just a mechanism to target teachers unpopular with management
  • support the profession - ensuring standards are genuinely improved through CPD rather than maintained through fear

We must remember that teacher working conditions are pupil learning conditions.

Though an SSTA member, if elected, I will listen to and speak out on behalf of all secondary teachers.

Janine McCullough

Teacher of Maths, Geography

Ridgepark School, Lanark

Teachers' professionalism is being undermined and working conditions are continually under attack. Although we are all affected by the recent changes, those most affected have been probationers, and supply, principal and chartered teachers.

We fund GTCS. It needs to represent our collective voice.

If elected to the GTCS I will work to:

  • keep the GTCS independent from political influence
  • maintain teaching standards and support teacher's professional development while opposing any attempt to use ‘professional update' as a weapon against teachers
  • ensure secondary education is taught by specialist teachers not ‘bought in' professionals without teaching qualifications

Maggie Nesbit


Alva Academy, Clackmannanshire

During this time of great change in Scottish education, it is critical that the GTC is fully aware of new issues and are proactive in their development. I consider myself privileged to teach and also to represent my teaching colleagues at both school and local authority level.

We need a GTC that:

  • is fit for purpose in modern society
  • fully supports all teachers, including supply teachers and probationers
  • is fully representative of all sectors in education.

In the words of Henry Ford: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”.

Catherine Nicol

Teacher of Chemistry

Auchenharvie Academy, Stevenston

The Professional Standards are to be revised following recommendations that these become the benchmarks for the conditions of service and performance of every teacher in Scotland. These Standards may become intrinsic to the new 'Fitness to Teach' and 'Re-accreditation' protocols being developed. If elected I will robustly advocate the SSTA view that the GTCS creates mechanisms to

  • ensure revised standards are realistic and achievable
  • all teachers have access to high quality CPD offered within a collegiate and supportive framework
  • all reviewers of PRPD receive necessary and appropriate training
  • teachers without permanent contracts are not disadvantaged.

Sally Shearer

Principle Teacher of Guidance

Bishopbriggs Academy, Glasgow

Teachers' professionalism is being undermined and working conditions are currently under attack. We are all affected by these changes, which threaten our profession.

The GTCS is funded entirely by teachers and must be responsible to the profession.

If elected to the GTCS I will work to:

  • Ensure the GTCS becomes truly independent of external influences
  • Ensure that imposed reaccreditation is not used against teachers
  • Maintain teaching standards and the quality of NQTs
  • Ensure secondary education is taught by properly qualified specialist teachers
  • Ensure the needs of the profession are the major criteria in any GTCS policy decisions.