SSTA at the Teachers’ Pay Rally  in Glasgow 27 October 2018

The National Teachers’ Pay Rally in Glasgow was a great success with the attendance going far beyond expectation. I would like to thank all members who were able to attend the rally in Glasgow and make the event such a success. I would also like to thank all the members who were unable to make the journey and sent messages of support. The Rally has sent a clear message to Government and COSLA that teachers need to be taken seriously. Well done to all.

Please see the photographs below of the SSTA members and SSTA banners. There is a link to my contribution (as SSTA General Secretary) to those assembled in George Square in Glasgow.

The next step of the campaign is for teachers to firmly reject the pay offer in the Consultative Ballot. I cannot emphasis how important it is that all members respond to the ballot. Please encourage all your colleagues to take part in the ballot. Ballot closes on Tuesday 20 November at 12.00 noon.

Further details on the Consultative Ballot can be found here

It is time for all teachers to work together and get a pay rise they deserve.



Seamus Searson
General Secretary