SSTA Member Subscriptions

To join the SSTA please complete the
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All new members to the Association can benefit from our new special offer of 50% off the normal subscription for the first 12 months of paid membership when sending a completed direct debit instruction with their application (Terms and Conditions apply). This represents a saving of up to £90.00 a year based on current 2019 subscription paying by monthly direct debit.

Membership Costs 2019


Annual Payers

Full Members £171.60

Temporary, Part-time, Job-share or supply members £85.80

Retiring Members £85.80

(Available only to members who intend to retire between 1 January and the last day of summer vacation. Thereafter the membership rate will be pro-rata until the end of the subscription year (December) Temporary, Part-time, Job-share or Supply members)

Monthly Payers

Full-Time members £15.60 per month

Temporary, Part-time, Job-share or supply members £7.80 per month

Month of Joining Full-Time Temporary, Part-time, Job share, supply
February £171.60 £85.80
March £156.00 £77.84
April £140.40 £70.20
May £124.80 £62.40
June £109.20 £54.60
July £93.60 £46.80
August £78.00 £39.00
September £62.40 £31.20
October £46.80 £23.40
November £31.20 £15.60
December £15.60 £7.80


To join the SSTA please complete the
Online Enrolment Form

Two-thirds of the annual subscription payable to the Association is allowable for income tax relief. Section 343, Part 5, Chapter 2 of the Income tax (earning and Pensions) Act 2003. A Proforma letter “Tax Relief on Subscriptions – Jan 2018” that shows subscription rates for Association membership over the past few years. Further information on how to claim the tax back can be found on the HMRC website. Tax Relief for professional fees and subscriptions.

There are specialist firms that can assist you in doing this and at the same time, check if you have been missing out on any other tax allowances or been given the wrong tax code by HMRC meaning you are owed a tax refund.

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