Advice to members employed by Glasgow City Council

The Association is aware of the decision of the Council to terminate the contracts of many long-term temporary teachers. The validity of any such dismissals will be discussed with the relevant members.

The Association is also aware that the effect of the loss of these teachers will be substantially addressed by instructions to headteachers to re-timetable existing classes.

The Association is clear that there is no contractual impediment to the concept of re-timetabling and advises members as follows:

1. Members are contractually required to teach assigned classes. Where the classes are (at least normally) in subjects other than those a teacher is registered to teach, contact should be made with the General Secretary. It is helpful to use our address.

2. The maximum class contact time of 22.5 hours per full teaching week remains and members are urged not to teach beyond this level.

3. Class contact time includes:

a. Registration (whatever name is used to describe it) b. Covering for absent teachers c. Time assigned for other duties as a replacement for teaching.

4. There should be no attempt to vary the school's current Working Time Agreement. Discussion should already be taking place as to the content of the WTA for session 2010-11.

5. During the period of the SQA exam diet the SQA classes are still assigned classes and teachers must be available to teach the class at the normal time. The pupils have an entitlement to access to their teacher as provided by the timetable. If the headteacher wishes to prevent such an arrangement, this must be shown clearly in writing. The pupils who have previously been taught during this time are no longer the contractual responsibility of the teacher. It is helpful if the head teacher makes this clear to parents. It is not the responsibility of the class teacher. ”ƒ 6. It should be abundantly clear to all that the time freed during the exam diet is used by teachers for curriculum development and other preparatory work. It must be recognised that any premature introduction of a new table severely reduce the time available for such essential developments. The most obvious of those would be CfE

Members are reminded that the basic contractual 35 hour week remains in place.

Ann Ballinger General Secretary