Backdated Pay Claim by an Employee Leaving Council Service

Notes for teachers leaving their current employer prior to the SNCT reaching a pay settlement.

This only applies to teachers who are retiring, or who are leaving their current job to work for a different authority or employer.

  • Once the SNCT agrees on a pay settlement you will be entitled to backdated pay.
  • Most authorities expect you to write to them and request it.
  • Around the time you leave your employer, print out, complete and send them the attached proforma.
  • It is important to note that there is no need to wait until settlement is reached. In fact, some employers may expect you to make this claim within 3 months of leaving irrespective of the date of settlement.
  • After you send it, make sure you receive an acknowledgement, and keep it safe.
  • Check you receive payment within a few weeks of settlement being reached. This can take up to 2 months depending on payroll deadlines

If you require further advice, please don’t hesitate to contact a Professional Officer.


Telephone: 0131 313 7300

Backdated Pay Claim Proforma