Children’s Education at Risk by Cutting Teacher Numbers

Children’s Education at Risk by Cutting Teacher Numbers

As Scottish Councils are setting education budgets for 2024-2025 the SSTA is receiving reports of education cuts with teachers and educational support staff numbers being reduced.

Seamus Searson SSTA General Secretary said:

“It's that time of the year again. Teachers are tired of being used as a ‘political football’ in the funding battle with the Scottish Government. The Councils have used this tactic in previous years to force money from the Government. This was also a tactic used 2023 in allowing the continuation of the first teacher strike in 40 years. Councils are threatening to reduce the number of teachers at a time when more are needed. I hope the Scottish Government do not call the councils’ bluff”.

“Teachers have been dealing with years of reduction in education funding at school level without the prospect of real investment in education. Something needs to change to ensure our children get the best opportunities at school and cutting teachers is not the answer”.

Stuart Hunter SSTA President said:

“Once again, teachers and students suffer the fallout from a tripartite system that is no longer fit for purpose.  The news is that Glasgow has told teacher unions that it proposes to reduce teacher numbers by changing pupil-teacher ratio as a response to the Scottish government council tax freeze”.

“Whilst the local authority and the Scottish Government flex their muscles in a playground standoff, the teaching profession and the students have become the weaponised instrument of their political bickering. Teachers are already past breaking point because of a toxic workload. To reduce the number of teachers will only exacerbate an already failing system that requires considerable amounts of free overtime to ensure that our children are given the best education possible.  

“The playground tantrums borne out of political grandstanding creates harmful fallout for teachers and students alike. These antics will only see the attainment gap widen to the detriment of our students and impact on their future life choices. Therefore, my message to you is grow up, show a little maturity and work together for the sake of education in Scotland”.