Curriculum for Excellence Crisis in Confidence

The SSTA has today released interim figures following its survey on N4/N5 and the New Higher.  The response to the survey has been overwhelming and it is for this reason that we have decided to issue an interim statement.

Acting General Secretary Alan McKenzie said “We continue to be alarmed by the clear lack of confidence being expressed by our members particularly in terms of the assessment materials for N4 and 5.     80% of the respondents indicated that they were not confident in the ability to assess pupils in N4 and 5.  Such alarming rates of lack of confidence must be acted upon.  If a teacher lacks confidence then this will be quickly transferred to young people.  Equally alarming, but with slightly less urgency, is the finding that nearly 78% of respondent indicated no confidence in their ability to deliver course materials for new Higher Qualifications and 86% indicated  their lack of confidence in assessment procedures for the new Higher.

Furthermore, our survey attempted to capture the attitude of our members to the quality of support being offered.  It is clear that the great area of dissatisfaction is with Education Scotland (93% dissatisfaction) and the SQA (93% dissatisfaction).

Alan McKenzie added

“Throughout the implementation of CfE the SSTA has attempted to signal real concerns about progress.  We have been careful about appearing alarmist and at all times wished to contribute positively to the successful outcome of this curricular initiative.  There is still time to achieve this and it is for that reason we have decided to release an interim statement on this important survey”.

SSTA CfE Survey- Interim Results

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