Faculty Arrangements in Edinburgh City


Dear Colleague


The current move in Edinburgh City towards faculty arrangements appears to have been left very substantially in the hands of headteachers rather than involve senior officials of the authority who might have experience in employment matters. As a result, a significant amount of misinformation may be circulating. It is not clear whether headteachers themselves have been inaccurately advised.

The Association offers the following advice to promoted postholders.

  1. Do not agree that your post should be re-jobsized unless you are given a written statement of the reasons. Re-jobsizing may occur only where the SNCT rules on re-jobsizing are met. These are contained in the SNCT Handbook in Part 2, Appendix 2.3, Annex A. The precise terms are available via the SNCT website. The terms are not variable simply on the basis of a decision by an individual employer. It is not sufficient for the employer to say “Re-jobsizing takes place because of restructuring”.
  2. Any members whose post is re-jobsized without their consent should ask for a written copy of the jobsizing questionnaire that was used in the re-jobsizing together with the associated scores. Members are reminded that they should retain copies of all jobsizing questionnaires and associated paperwork until they leave the service of that employer.
  3. Members who are “invited” or instructed to apply for any new post should not do so until

    a. The relevant “invitation” or instruction is given in writing

    b. These materials have been forwarded to the General Secretary and

    c. Appropriate advice has been given to the member.

    Members should note that the existing protection given by the conservation provisions of the SNCT (such as they now are after the recent deterioration) may no longer apply if a teacher voluntarily applies for a new promoted post. Under no circumstances should members admit that their post is a “new” post.

  4. The remit of any promoted teacher is an essential element of contract. No contract can be varied without the matter first being discussed with the employee. The employer may be able to enforce the change but the discussions must take place.
  5. In particular (and to counter a suggestion made in at least one school) the current conservation provision is that a promoted postholder who is transferred to a post of lower salary (and this would include a non-promoted post) has the right to cash conservation for a period of at least three years.

Any members requiring further information should contact the General Secretary. It is helpful to use our address.

Best wishes

Yours sincerely

Jim Docherty

Depute General Secretary