McCormac Review - Letter to School Representatives

Dear Colleague

The results of the review by Professor McCormac and his Committee are due to be published on Tuesday 13 September 2011. These deliberations will take the form of a set of proposals delivered to the Scottish Government. The Education Committee of the Scottish Parliament will take evidence concerning the Committee’s proposals on 22 September. The Association will make its views known.

It must be pointed out that the Government cannot negotiate directly with the teacher unions on conditions of service. If the Government wishes to implement any proposals from the report it can only do so by raising the issue at the SNCT (the only body able to negotiate teachers' conditions of service). The Government, not being the employer of teachers, cannot impose any new conditions (other than by statute, which is most unlikely).

The SSTA position on the proposals will, as always, be determined by our Salaries Committee. If it proves necessary, members will be consulted on specific proposals from the report.

A copy of the review document along with a summary of the main proposals will be available on the website by 13.09.11. Both can be accessed at and clicking on the link.

With best wishes

Yours sincerely

Ann Ballinger

General Secretary