National Qualifications and Reducing Teacher Workload

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SSTA members have consistently highlighted the need for a reduction in teacher workload in the senior phase of secondary education. A survey of members in December 2015 clearly found that the SQA requirements and processes had added considerably, and in many cases unnecessarily, to teacher’s workload. The SSTA Council resolved to conduct an indicative ballot of members on cutting bureaucracy in National Qualifications.

The Government established the ‘Assessment and National Qualification working group’ in January and was tasked to produce a report, by the end of March that would reduce teacher workload in the 2016-17 cycle. The SSTA participated in the working group and pushed hard for the recognition of the importance of the teachers’ professional judgement in the process. The working group report was completed on 21 April and has been circulated to members of the CfE Management Board. Until the CfE Management Board meets the report cannot be published to teachers in schools.

The SSTA National Executive has considered the report and is seeking clarifications of the measures proposed within the report to reduce teacher workload. As part of that process SSTA will be meeting with SQA to identify the measures that will reduce teacher workload in the 2016-17 cycle. The SSTA National Executive will prepare a report for members of the proposals and will seek members’ views on the extent of the workload reductions.

Please ensure the SSTA Head Office has your current email address as the indicative ballot will be conducted on-line.

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