Safety First - Secondary Schools Reopening

It is sensible to take a cautious approach to reopening secondary schools on Monday 22 February but it cannot be a return to a way of working that existed prior to Christmas. Schools were closed in January because we needed to control the virus. We now need to ensure pupils and staff are safe during this staged return. The reopening of secondary schools is a controlled exercise that will be evaluated before further decision will be made. Secondary teachers need to be confident that the Scottish Government has put in place all measures necessary to keep people safe.

The SSTA expects that

  • 2 metre physical distancing for all staff and pupils will be enforced in secondary schools
  • That all pupils and staff will be required to wear face coverings at all times
  • Schools will be given full support to ensure that all pupils follow all the safety guidance
  • Pupils who refuse to follow safety guidance cannot be accommodated in school
  • All risk assessments are reviewed and additional measures introduced
  • Parental expectations need to be managed as teachers in school will not be able to continue to support remote learning.

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